Sydney Drone Pilots take note! ASEAN Summit Air Rescrictions Sydney CBD March 15-18th 2018

With the ASEAN Summit in Old Sydney Town, CASA and Air Services have released their AIC ASEAN H07-18 for the duration of the Summit.

Note that only approved RPA Operations will be permitted within the Temporary Restricted Area  (TRA) to Maintain safety of flight considerations and to provide for the required level of security. We have provided all the notes sent to our office from CASA, in all likelihood you may have got this information, BUT in the likelihood, you did not, and hat you fly or plan to fly in Sydney CBD mid-March please read and spread the word!

To all Sydney Region commercial RPA operators:


 The Association of Southeast Asian Nations Summit (ASEAN-18) is being held in Sydney between 16-18 March 2018. The attached aeronautical information circular (AIC) provides information about a temporary restricted area (TRA) that will apply to remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) during the period of the summit.


The TRA, which is depicted in the attached diagram, will restrict RPA operations within a 7km x 8km rectangle encompassing the Sydney CBD, Darling Harbour and Kirribilli House for the entire period of the summit.


No sport or recreational RPA will be permitted to operate within the RPA TRA.


Commercial RPA operations in the RPA TRA will not available unless prior approval has been granted by the Controlling Authority, the New South Wales Police Force Aviation Support Branch. Requests for approval must be forwarded to the Controlling Authority by no later than 10 March 2018,  by e-mail to, or by telephone to the Polair Duty Supervisor on 02‑9796‑9899.


RPA operations within R405A and R405B (but outside the RPA TRA) will still require permission under CASR 101.065 (3), and this will be available with the normal two days’ prior notice through the CASA Sydney Office.

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